BRUNYEE this name is on record in Hull in 1808 when Mary Ann Brunyee was baptised here (international Genealogical Index, Latter Day Saints)). The stronghold of the name, however, is Doncaster. Almost all Brunyees were living in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the 19th century.
This is another surname that traces back to the French and Dutch residents of Sandtoft, Lincs. I don’t doubt that it is the name that appears in Stovin’s Sandtoft Parish Register extracts as “Brungny”. This looks French, but as the register entries are all in French, it could be a “francisation” of a Dutch name. Stovin elsewhere refers to a “Matthew Bruayee, Dutchman, tenant in the levels” of Hatfield Chase in 1647. Bruayee may be a misspelling, or a transcriber’s misreading, of Brunyee. Abraham Brunyee married Sarah Tyssen at St. Nicholas church, Thorne (near Hatfield) in 1638. Tyssen is almost certainly Dutch, but once again the Old Testament name of the bridegroom suggests a French Calvinist background. The P.R. spelling Brungny looks like the rare French name Brugny, which I take to be from the village of Brugny-Vaudancourt in the Marne region, the area where the few present-day bearers of the surname Brugny are best represented. The French -gny ending is pronounced like -nyee. There are, however, Dutch surnames which look a little like Brunyee, e.g., Bruijnja and Bruine. Dutch J is pronounced like English Y.


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