According to George Redmonds, this surname developed from an earlier Clapham, which derives from a place of that name on the Yorkshire-Lancashire border. When -son names were becoming fashionable (late 14th century?) some families that already had a surname had the suffix added. So some Claphams became Claphamsons, which eventually became Clappison, Clapson, etc.
A Robert Claphamson is recorded in York, 1598 (Redmonds).
In Roos (Holderness, East Yorkshire) parish register the surnames Claphamson and Clappison occur in the mid-17th century, e.g.
William son of Peter Clappison baptised, 1651
William son of Peter Claphamson baptised, 1665.

John Clappison and Tamar Benton married at Sculcoates (near Hull), 1747.
John Ward Clappison, watch and clockmaker in Hull, 1846-1858 (J.E.S. Walker, Hull and East Riding Clocks).


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