COCKERLINE May be a variant of Cocklin, in which case there are several explanations, including a diminutive of the affectionate appellation ‘Cock’. However the historical distribution has me considering another Sandtoft name of continental origin (cf. BEHARREL, BRUNYEE). The earliest notice found to date is of William Cockaline residing in Howden in 1605 (too early?). Apart from William’s family subsequent notices are mainly of Cockerlines in South Holderness, which becomes the stronghold of the name. William Cockerline in Patrington 1655, Thomas Cockerline in Holmpton, 1758, 1780. In Hull we find Emanuel Cockerline, 1847. Sir Herbert Cockerline, knighted 1902, was Sheriff of Hull in 1922.
The surname Cocklin is associated with London and the south, though not unknown in Hull.
If Cockerline originated among the denizens of Sandtoft it may derive from the French Coquelin, or the Flemish Koechlein, both meaning something like “little cook”.

Addendum (14.1.13) As the draining of Hatfield Chase was commissioned in 1625 it does not seem possible that the Cockaline at Howden was of the the Sandtoft “French” community. So we are left with the Cocklin variant explanation, however unsatisfactory.
Details of the Hatfield Chase project, including maps, can be found in the Nottingham University archives, here


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