DEWICK Another problematic name. Not at all common in Hull, but as there is some history connected to the surname in the town it earns a place on these pages. It looks like it has a place name origin, but no place called Dewick is on record, contemporary or historical.
The earliest reference to the name I’ve found to date is to Thomas Dewick, a draper in Hull in 1623. He was the son of Michael Dewick, of Appleby, Lincolnshire, and was aged 70 in 1665. Thomas was the elder brother of Francis Dewick, merchant, alderman, and mayor of Hull in 1650, who died in 1663. Both Thomas and Francis had sons and grandsons resident in the town. The Yorkshire Archeological Journal, vol. xiv, blazons a coat of arms for Francis Dewick, buried at Holy Trinity in 1682, viz., per saltire sable and argent. This Francis may have been the grandson and namesake of Francis who died in 1663.
Seven Dewicks, including two wives, were assessed for tax in Hull in 1695.

John Dewick, cabinet maker, Old Dock End, 1823 (Baines Directory).
John Dewick sworn in as a constable, Hull Police, 1843 (A.A. Clarke,The Policemen of Hull).


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