DIMALINE Yet another name from the ‘French’ community of Sandtoft Lincs. (See SURNAMES 2, Beharrell).
The Stovin Manuscript (Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol.7) contains the following copied from the lost Parish Register of the french Protestant church of Sandtoft:

Marriage. Jan Jaq Dumoulin et Cath. Legrain, 1.1.1651.
Baptism. Jeanne fille de Jan Demoulin et Margaret Legrane, 1654 (no date).

There is also an entry in the P.R. of St. Benedict, Lincoln, recording the baptism of Salathiel, son of Lewis and Rebecca Dumoulin, 24th April 1673. Note the Old Testament names favoured by French Huguenots, as also in the following:

Abraham Dimorline (sic) son of Isaac and Sarah, born 2nd March 1711 at Crowle, Lincs.
William Dumalin (sic), married Jane Hill at Haxey, Isle of Axholme, 26 October 1730.

The spelling Dimaline appears at Hatfield, near Doncaster, 1777; Demaline at Hatfield 1780.
The spelling Dimberline, if it is the same name, is recorded in Hull in the early 19th century, but does not appear to have survived in the town. Present -day Hull Dimalines may be descended from Abraham Dimoline (sic), born Lincoln c.1782, and on record in Hull in 1842. There was also a Richard Dimoline in Hull 1842, born Yorkshire c.1811. Abraham was a ‘piano forte manufacturer’, and Richard a ‘cordwainer’ (shoemaker). Both men were were married with sons.


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    1. jemmyhope Post author

      Thanks for this. A preliminary glance suggests that much of this document is not going to be easily read by me. I’ve made out the names of Peter and Mary Dumoulin, and a date (in the text) of 1680. Not found any location(s) yet. I’ll have to print off a copy for closer study. There may be a printed version online, say at “British History Online”.
      I AM grateful for this, and hope that my remarks don’t sound churlish. Putting together information from a variety of sources was always the aim. Thanks again.


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