ELLA Not much to say about this name, another that has avoided the attention of the experts. Perhaps these notes will attract the attention of the better informed.
It appears to be a Yorkshire name, though not a common one. I thought at first that it might derive from two linked place names of the Hull area, Kirkella and Westella. However, though ‘kirk’ and ‘west’ are later additions “Ella” alone is not recorded. Mediaeval 13th century spellings suggest that a version like Elveley or Elfley was then in use. “Kirkelley” is shown on Speed’s map of 1601*.
So the surname resists explanation.

A couple of Hull notices –
John Ella, son of Richard Ella, of Sculcoates, fishmonger, was apprenticed to Thomas Blanch, Humber pilot, 10th January 1812.

William Ella, “a poor boy” apparently of Welton Parish, aged 14, was apprenticed as a house servant and gardener to John Carrick, esquire, burgess, 22nd December 1815.

Both notices from the Hull Register of Apprentices (1809-20), in the city archives.

* The date of Speed’s map of North and East Yorkshire was corrected, 18th February 2013 (1601, not 1642 as originally stated).


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