ELLERBY This name has been noticed by writers on surnames. So I begin by quoting H.B. Guppy’s remarks –

“The Ellerbys take the name of townships in the North and East Ridings. John Ellerby was an alderman of Hull  in the reign of Henry VIII (Tickell, Hull). Ellerby is still a Hull name.”
(Homes of Family Names in Great Britain, 1890)

Unfortunately I’ve found no other reference to Alderman Ellerby. I recall searching through Tickell’s History of Hull (1798) without success. And the L.M. Stanewell’s Calendar of Deeds, etc., in the city archives makes no mention of the name .
Reaney and Wilson list the name in their Dictionary. Reaney’s earliest instance is of a Nicholas de Ellerby in 1385, but no location. He adds, “From Ellerby in Swine (ERY), or Ellerby in Lythe (NRY).”
One or both of these place names could have given rise to the surname. No Ellerby individual or family is connected with either place in Kirby’s Inquest (c.1285), or Knights’ Fees (1302). Nor is any link identified in the Victoria County Histories of the East Riding or the North Riding. So it seems safe to assume that there was no landowning Ellerby of Ellerby.
The Register of Walter Giffard, Archbishop of York, March 1275, has the following –

John de Elveredby [i.e., Ellerby] received absolution at Bishop Burton from the Archbishop for an assault on Robert de Neuton, priest. (Surtees, vol. 109, p.277)

As the absolution took place at Bishop Burton, the Archbishop’s East Yorkshire residence, it is likely that John de Ellerby lived in that district rather than in the North Riding.
Angelo Raine’s “Mediaeval York” mentions a citizen of the town in 1454 named John Ellerby.
Richard Ellerbie, and John Ellerbie and his wife Dorothy (“secretly married”), were Catholic recusants at “Cliffe cum Lounde” (Cliffe and Lund, near Hemingborough) in the East riding in 1604. The “secretly married” note may refer to a Catholic ceremony, possibly in addition to an acceptable marriage in the local church. Without the latter it is unlikely that Dorothy would have been described as John’s wife.
No Ellerbys were assessed for tax in Hull in 1695 or 1697, and the earliest Hull Ellerbys I have record of are from Baines’ Directory of Hull, 1823 –
Bartholomew Ellerby, sr., cabinet maker, 21 New Dock Street.
Bartholomew Ellerby, jr., cabinet maker, 2 New John Street.


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