FUSSEY a surname belonging mainly to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and most strongly represented in the Hull district. The meaning is not clear, but perhaps related to Fossey, a name belonging further south and having a meaning something like ‘dike’ or ‘ditch’. Reaney and Wilson (Dictionary of English Surnames), list a John del Fossey, from the Subsidy Rolls for Yorkshire, 1297. I should also add that they list the spelling ‘Fussey’ under their treatment of the surname Fursey, but furnish no examples of this spelling.
Johannes ffosse was at “South Burton, i.e., Bishop Burton in 1381 (Poll Tax, East Riding).
John Fusse was at Withernsea, 1552.
John Fussie, son of Edward Fussie was baptised at Patrington, 1587.
John ffusse in Withernsea, 1706. These three notices are taken from Miles and Richardson, “A History of Withernsea” (Hull, 1911).
Two men named Thomas Fussey are listed in Baines’ Directory for Hull, 1823.


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