GUTHERLESS This is probably the most difficult name on my list. The earliest reference I’ve found to date is at Bridlington in the 1790s. Bridlington seems to have been the stronghold of the name in the 19th century, and it appears in Hull in 1870.
As to the meaning, I’m stumped. I’m inclined to consider the possibility that its origin lies outside of the British Isles, though I have no evidence to support this.
There is a surname, Goodalusse, that occurs in the East Riding Muster Rolls of 1584, in which Thomas Goodalusse was listed at Hunmanby, c. eight miles from Bridlington.
Bulmer’s Directory, 1892, lists Alfred Gutherless, joiner and cabinet maker, and Mr. Preston Gutherless, at Kilham, which is in the Bridlington district.

Henry Gutherless, a Hull man serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers, was killed in World War 1 (“Golden Book of World War One Casualties, EYFHS, Hull 2012).


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