HOSTICK No information on this surname from the experts, so I can only guess as to its meaning.
It is possible that it is from a place name, and Austwick, in North Yorkshire (old West Riding), and Owstwick, East Yorkshire would be the likeliest candidates. Both names have the same meaning, ‘eastern farm’.
Austwick is a surname and Reaney and Wilson give early Yorkshire instances of this name:
Rose de Austwic, 1202
John Austewick, Freeman of York, 1425.

They also list a Roger de Oustewyk, Freeman of York, 1341, but his name could be from the East Riding village. George Poulson’s History of Holderness (1840) gives us a Stephen de Oustwick who held land at Owstwick and nearby Mappleton in 1281.
The surname Hostick is recorded in Hull in 1697 when William Hostick was assessed for tax. It is interesting to note that that place name Owstwick is recorded in a deed in the Hull Corporation archives spelt ‘Holstwick or Howstwicke’ anno 1562 (L.M. Stanewell, “Calendar of Ancient Deeds …” etc., 1951).
Hostick is on record in Hull in 1835, and was established in Sculcoates (Hull) in the late 19th century.


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