KERBYSON With some surnames on these pages the amount of information available calls the value of an entry into question. So with Kerbyson, but, as I can find nothing written on the name, these lines will at least signal its existence.
I make the assumption that this is a late development from the surname Kirkby, Kirby, or Kerby. Why a development was deemed necessary is a question I don’t intend to consider.
George Redmonds, who writes on Yorkshire surnames, tells us that, when names ending in -son were being adopted, some people who already had a surname added the fashionable suffix; so Malyn (anno 1285) became Malynson (1378, now Mallinson). Clappison, from Clapham (see below) is another example. We also find Smithson and Shepherdson where Smith and Shepherd would suffice for most people.
So I make the assumption that Kerbyson came to be in the same way. But lacking 14th or 15th century instances I can’t be sure.

All but one of the following notices are taken from the International Genealogical Index of the Latter Day Saints, which is online:
Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Kirbyson, baptised at Lorton, Cumberland, October 1728.
Same source shows the name to be at Barnard Castle, County Durham in 1805.
Earliest Yorkshire notice; Edward, son of Henry and Mary Kirbyson, baptised at South Otterington, North Riding, December 1798.
Stephen, son of William and Elizabeth Kerbyson, baptised at Beverley, St. Mary and St. Nicholas, February 1829.
In Hull, Kelly’s Directory, 1910, lists a John Kerbyson living at 64 Beecroft Street.


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