LOWTHORPE, LOWTHROP An East Yorkshire place name and an East Yorkshire surname, from the village of Lowthorpe near Driffield. The name is Scandinavian ‘Lagi’s farm’. According to A.H. Smith’s “Place Names of the East Riding …”etc (1937), there is a place in Sweden with the same name, formerly Laghatorp, now Laggarup.
Paul Reaney (1958) cites a Walter de Luitorp, 1161, as being of this name.
Victoria County History of the East riding, vol.ii, has
Walter of Lowthorpe at Lowthorpe, 1234, and
Thomas of Lowthorpe at Lowthorpe, 1270.

John Louthorp, clerk, was a charter witness in 1308
Thomas de Louthorp of Harpham, charter witness, 1330.
Lawrence Lowthorp at Cherry Burton, 1584
Thomas Lowthropp at Etton, 1584.
David Lowthorp married Frances Robinson at Holy Trinity church, Hull, 1685
Francis and Leonard Lowthorpe were assessed for tax in Hull, 1695.


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