MADDRA Another rare surname that has escaped the attention of the experts. A Yorkshire name apparently, possibly an East Yorkshire name.
The meaning of Maddra is not clear. Possibly it has developed via dialect from the occupational name madderer, denoting someone who produced, applied, or sold, the dye madder. Reaney lists surnames Madder, Madders and Mader from madderer, and cites a Walter le Madderere in Essex in 1317. I have a Robert Madderer in London, 1424 (Court of Common Pleas).
The spelling Maddra only appears very late, with no northern examples of more obvious versions of Madderer to record its development.
Charles, son of Richard and Mary Maddrah, was baptised at St. Mary, Hull, 1807.
Richard Maddrah, mariner, 3 Chapel Lane, Hull, 1832 (Directory).
Thomas Maddra, Katherine Street, Hull, 1868 (Poll Book).


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