OMBLER “… an East Riding variant of the great Yorkshire surname” Ambler.
The above is a note I’ve copied out at some time, ascribing it to C.W. Bardsley. Unfortunately I no longer know which of Bardsley’s works is the source of the quotation. No matter, I’ve confirmed from other sources that Ambler is a surname best represented in the Halifax and Bradford districts of the West Riding of Yorkshire (WRY), while Ombler belongs to Holderness in the East Riding.
No Amblers or Omblers are recorded in the Poll Tax lists for the East Riding, 1381. The earliest reference to the surname Ombler is in accounts of the popular northern rising of 1536 known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. William Ombler is named as one of the three captains of the Holderness men taking part in the rising. He was the leader of a hundred men at the siege of Hull. I have found nothing informing of his subsequent fate.
John Ombler purchased a share of the manor of Ryhill in Holderness, 1559.
Robert Ombler at Hedon, 1600
William Ombler noticed in connection with land at Lelley, South Holderness, 1602
Robert Ombler, alderman of Hedon 1648
Samuel Ombler, son of John Ombler, carpenter, baptised at Holy Trinity, Hull, March 1650.
Samuel Ombler, barber-surgeon, son of William Ombler, parish clerk of Welton (ERY), admitted burgess of Hull. 1706
Francis Ombler, shipwright, admitted burgess of Hull, 1734.

The surname Ambler is variously explained –
A stable-hand, one who walked horses.
A man with an ‘ambling’ gait
A pun on the occupation walker, another name for a fuller. “Many nicknames referred to a man’s occupation … e.g. … 1440 John Ambeler (walker)” George Redmonds (English Surnames: Yorkshire West Riding).


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