ONG A short note on this surname. It is not well represented in Hull, or anywhere in the North for that matter, but its meaning eludes me, and so excites my curiosity.
The only printed reference to the name’s origins I’ve found is in Colin D. Rogers’ “Vikings and Surnames”. He writes, “This area [East Anglia, from south-east Essex to Norwich and Peterborough] has received several waves of immigrants from that part of the continent [Belgium] and has in consequence several pockets of very interesting names – Ong for example …”.
I can only speculate that Rogers is suggesting a connection with the Flemish name Jong, meaning ‘young’.
I wonder if Ong is related to words like ing, meaning pasture land, or the surname Anger, or the place name Ongar, all with the same meaning.
There is also a Lincolnshire surname, Onn, which might be a variant of Ong, though other explanations are on offer.


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