PLAXTON There is a Plaxton Bridge, also called Plaxton’s Bridge near Woodmansey, East Yorkshire. I haven’t been able to find an explanation of this name. No doubt it bears the surname of some local individual.
Plaxton appears to be a Yorkshire surname, with more of the name in North Yorkshire than in East Yorkshire. It must be locative but no place of the name has been identified.
Richard Plaxton was at North Newbald in 1584
William Plaxton, merchant, was admitted Freeman of York, 1649
Four Plaxtons were assessed for tax in Hull in 1695
Robert Plaxton’s house in Sculcoates was licenced for non-conformist meetings in 1713
George and John Plaxton of Cottingham were found guilty of riot and sentenced to six months hard labour at East Riding Quarter Sessions, Midsummer 1828
George Plaxton joined the East Riding Police Force in July 1882
The Hull News, 12th August 1893, reported the death of James Plaxton, printer and stationer, Hull.


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