PYBUS A surname of Yorkshire and the North-East of England. C.W.Bardsley suggested that it was once Pikebusk, which he explained as “of the bush on the hill”, and so locative. No argument from me on the meaning of the second element, though the first, I think, is open to other interpretations.
Eobert [Robert?] Pikebusk is mentioned in connection with a property belonging to Gisborough Priory, which is in the old North Riding of Yorkshire, near Middlesborough. (Close Rolls, Edward III)
Elena Pykebusk was resident at “Whetlay and Sandale”, in South Yorkshire in 1379 (Poll Tax). Sandale may be Kirk Sandall near Doncaster.
The spelling Pybus is recorded in 1667, John Pybus, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
Pybus in Hull, beginning of the 19th century.
Henry Pybus married Mary Parker at Holy Trinity, Hull, 1840.


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