PYRAH George Redmonds (English Surnames Series 1: Yorkshire West riding, 1973) has something to say about this surname. I quote him –

“A difficult name apparently restricted to the West Riding. The forms are very late, i.e., 1703 Joshuah Pyrah (Bradford P.R.), 1789 John Pyrah (Rothwell P.R.), 1811 Benjamin Pyrah (Thornhill P.R.). The only possibility locally seems to be that this is a variant of Perry or Pirrie.”
Perry according to the experts means “(dweller by the) pear tree”.

Census extracts on the International Genealogical Index (Latter Day Saints) list a couple of Hull based Pyrah families, late 19th century, whose head was born in the West Riding.
William Pyrah married Maria Hardy at Holy Trinity, Hull, in 1840.


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