RASPIN A Yorkshire surname that features in the poll tax rolls for the East Riding (1379, 1381) –

Robert Raspyn, servant, at Welton, 1379
John Raspyng and wife
William Raspyn
Alicia Raspyn, all at Cottingham, 1381
Agnes Raspoyn at “Wighton” (Little Weighton?), 1381

John Raspyn “waterleder”, Freeman of York, 1398
Richard Raspine at Cottingham, 1584
“John Raspin of Willerbie yeoman”, 1653
Martin Raspin, Sheriff of Hull, 1695 (Sheahan’s History of Hull)
Elizabeth Raspin and Mr. Sam Raspin, assessed for tax, Hull, 1695
Richard Raspin, Carr Lane, Hull 1835 (Burgess Roll)

No explanation of this surname to date. Perhaps it is locative. There is a Rasp Bank in North Yorkshire, and Rasp Hill and Rasp Howe are place names of Cumbria. Rasp is a dialect version of raspberry.

[Compare Rispin, above, 3.11.13]

Addendum, 25.2.14: as with my Nendick posting (below, 20.6.13) I have found additional information in Peter McLure’s article on Cottingham surnames (see under Nendick for reference). McLure links the names Raspin and Rispin.
I quote the article –
Raspin.The descendants of the 1381 family appear in the Cottingham parish registers in 1560, but at least one family had already moved away and the name often gets altered to Rispin and Risping. The IGI records Anna Risping in Huggate in 1548, and the surname Rispin is still there in 1853. John Raspin is recorded in Kirkella in 1669, Thomas Raspin in York in 1680, George Raspin in Pocklington in 1708, and Thomas Raspan in Beverley in 1841.” (etc.)


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