READYMARCHER (READYMARTCHER) Not only is this a rare surname nationally, it may not even exist in Hull any more. It always was rare, but it’s such an unusual name I thought that I’d mention it here.
I recall one Lewis Thomas, who answered queries on surnames in a local newspaper, giving his opinion on this name. He suggested that it would have identified a redheaded or ruddy complexioned person who lived on a border. Now as this is feasible from an etymological point of view I think it worth repeating here for the record. However, I can’t think of any similar names, i.e., names that combine two surname types in one name, apart from names in which the second component is a given name. I’m thinking of names such as Littlejohn, Brownjohn, Dunrobin. I may yet be corrected on this point.
One thought that comes to mind with Readymarcher is that it might have started out as Raedemacher, (Rädemacher, occasionally Redemacher) a German surname meaning “wheelwright”. Failing any evidence this remains just a thought.

25.10.13: the spelling Readymartcher is extant in Hull.

After reading P.Readymartcher’s comment, referring to an 1830 Sunderland notice of this name I decided to search the International Genealogical Index for County Durham notices of Rademacher or Redemacher.
According to this source Rademacher is recorded in Escomb, Co. Durham in 1742; in Lowick, Northumberland in 1743. There are further Rademacher notices (Durham, Newcastle) up to 1803. Earliest Readymartcher notice, 1830.


2 thoughts on “

  1. P Readymartcher

    The name Readymartcher popped up in 1830 with a George R I think. The “T” was omitted by the Sunderland branch of the family due to the name having thirteen letters. Nobody knows where George came from or went to as we cannot find any records of him. You can bet your life if your name is R with or without a T you are one of us.

  2. jemmyhope Post author

    Thanks for this additional piece of information, friend. Have you tried finding George in the 1841 or 1851 census? If he’s in there his place of birth should be recorded.


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