RISEAM I’m pretty sure that this name derives from the Holderness place name Rysome Garth, which was just Rysome until the late 16th century. There is a possibility that the name is from Riseholme, across the Humber in North Lincolnshire. Both places were called in Old English Hrisum, meaning something like “(place) among the brushwood”.

“In 1245 the property [Rysome Manor] was held under [Anselm] de St. Quintin by Hugh of Rysome, and in 1303 John of Rysome was granted free warren in Rysome.”
[The manor is later held by another family until sometime in the 1380s or 90s.]
“Later the manor evidently again belonged to a family named Rysome. In 1397 William Rysome was licensed to have divine service there.
“At the death of another William Rysome in the early 16th century the manor was divided between two daughters …”
(R.J.Allison in Victoria County History of Yorkshire, East Riding, vol. v, p.51)
Ingram of Rysome (d, pre-1284) and his son John (fl.1302) held two carucates of land at Ravenser as undertenants of the crown.
(ibid., p.69)

A four generation pedigree of “Risom “, presumably of Rysome, is recorded in Surtees Society Publications, vol 144. This appears to be from a 16th century heralds’ visitation. A coat of arms is also blazoned (in French), which is also found in Burke’s General Armory as follows –
Azure, a lion rampant or supporting in the dexter forepaw a cross formy fitchy argent. The bearer of these arms is named in Burke as “Rysom or Ryson (Co. York)”.

“Robert Rysom of Willarbie received the communion at Easter being excommunicate”, 1595/6 (Tudor Documents of the Diocese of York)
There are several Rysom or Risom entries in the parish register of Kirkella between the years 1566 and 1670, but no Riseam notices.
Thomas Rysom, haberdasher, Hull, 1613.
Licence issued 1628 for the marriage of Philip Rysome and Margaret Dobson at Holy Trinity, Hull
Two men named William Rysome (plus wives and children) assessed for tax in Hull 1695.
William, son of Henry Riseam, cowkeeper, baptised at Sculcoates, 1777. This is the earliest spelling of Riseam I’ve found to date.
Joseph Riseam, watchmaker in Cottingham, 1872; in Hull 1885-92.


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