RISPIN It may be helpful to compare this post to the one on Raspin (below 16.10.13).
It is possible that the two names have a common origin. Rispin appears on record much later than Raspin. The earliest reference I’ve found to date is in the Huggate Parish Register anno 1548, spelt Risping. All other entries in the same register spell the name Rispin.

Richard Rispin was living in Carr Lane, Hull, in 1835 (Burgess Roll)

Whether or nor the name is a variant of Raspin I would hazard a guess that its origin is locative. There is a minor place name of South-West Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway), Rispain, but this is unlikely to be the source of the surname Rispin. It does, however, help the case for a locative origin of the surname. There is also a Risp Hill in the same area; a Risp Howe in Cumbria; and a Risplith in North Yorkshire. A.Mawer in “Problems of English Place Name Studies” (1929), mentions an Old English “*rispe or *ripse denoting ‘shrubs, briars.'” The preceding asterisk indicates uncertainty about the early spelling.


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