STATHER An East Riding surname, as is the variant Stathers
John de Stather and wife, and
John Stather his [servant?], Poll Tax rolls, Howdenshire 1381
William Stather listed in connection with land in South Cave, 1564
William Stather at North Cave,1584 (same William?)
James Stather assessed for tax, Hull 1695, as were
Joshuah and Mary Stather
Robert Stather, servant, Cottingham, 1817
William Stather sworn in as police constable, Hull 1846 (A.A. Clarke, 1992)
George Stather, East Riding Police, 1886 (same author, 1993)

Stather means either someone who worked at a staithe, or simply “staithe”. The Stather in Burton Stather is, according to Ekwall (English Place Names), from the plural form of staithe (Norse). A staithe is a wharf or quay, a landing stage for loading or unloading ship’s cargo. My dictionary also cites Old English stæth, “a river bank”.


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