TAFFINDER This name is not well represented in Hull. The reason I include here is that, according to local historian David Neave, its origins lie in the French community in Sandtoft, Lincolnshire. Several other names on these pages (Beharrell, Brunyee, etc.) trace back to Sandtoft, and therein lies my interest.
However, the Sandtoft parish register extracts in the “Yorkshire Archaeological Journal” don’t list the name Taffinder, only Taffin, also spelt Tafin. Is this an earlier version?
John Titford’s edition of the “Penguin Dictionary of British Surnames” lists Taffinder among the variants of Tavener, an “innkeeper. He notes that it is “most common in WRYorks”.
Taffin is a French surname whose meaning is obscure.

Abraham Taffinder married Theresa Marshall at St. James church, Sutton on Hull in 1838
Isaac Taffinder, a Hull fisherman, was lost at sea in 1869
As I’ve noted elsewhere Old Testament names were favoured by the French and Dutch Protestants of Sandtoft. Perhaps those biblical forenames have been handed down through the generations.


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