TARBOTTON This a Yorkshire surname, probable variants, Tarbitton and Tarbutton, also belong to Yorkshire. I treat all these spellings together.

John Tarbutton, freeman of York, 1536
Tarbitton in Oswaldkirk (North Riding of Yorkshire) parish register, 1592
John, son of Nicholas Tarbotton, baptised at Sculcoates, near Hull, 1684
Michael Tarbottom (sic), wife Frances, and Elizabeth, Frances, Jane and Michael (their children?) were assessed for tax, Hull, 1697

In February 1698 the following petition was submitted to Parliament –
A Petition of Henry Norman, Thomas Cook, Nicolas Tarbotton, and Robert Fox, on the behalf of themselves, and the rest of the Tobacco-pipe-makers of the Town and Borough of Kingston upon Hull, and the Parts adjacent, was presented to the House, and read; setting forth, That before the Duty upon Tobacco-pipes, the Petitioners maintained their Families, and kept a great many poor People at Work; but since the Commencement of the said Duty they cannot keep their Families, nor employ One-Third of the Workmen, by reason of their small Employ in their Trade: And praying, That the said Duty may be taken off.

The spelling “Tarbottom” appears in the parish register of Holy Trinity, Hull, 1742.

Tarbotton has the appearance of a place name, but none, however spelt, has been found. Starbotton, in the Craven district of the West Riding of Yorkshire, is an unlikely candidate. There is also Tarbolton in Ayrshire, Scotland, but there is no evidence of a surname from that place name. The Scottish-based architect, Harold Ogle Tarbolton, was born in Nottingham, and I think it likely that his surname is a variant of Tarbotton.


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  1. Peter Taylor

    Very interested in the petition of February 1698 you mention. Do you have a reference on where I can find the original?


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