I collect saints. For family reasons I have made a record of all saints named Alexander and Ronan, and less well known saints called Patrick. I’ve also collected the names of little known saints whose names may have led to patronymic surnames (e.g., the first two names on the following list). Also on my calendar are saints or ‘beati'(1) from East Yorkshire. There are others who have been added simply because I, and most other people I suppose, had never heard of them before.
I intend to publish each month’s roll on the first of the month. We shall see.

JANUARY 4th Blessed Palumbus of Subiaco’ d.c.1070
(possible source the Southern Italian surname Palumbo, though there are other explanations)

8th St. Garibaldus, d.c. 762
(latinised version of a Germanic name. Garibaldi is a famous Italian surname)

10th St. Petronius of Avignon, d.c. 463

11th Alexander of Fermor, d.c.250 (Alexander Carbonarius?)*

13th St.Ronan of Lough Dearg, Shannon*

15th St. Alexander Akimetes, d.430, but Butler gives Feb.23rd)

18th St. Bothanus, Bishop of Dunblane. He may be the same as Bathan/Baithan, eponym of St. Bathan parish, Berwickshire.

30th St. Alexander (d.3rd cent.)*

31st St. Serapion, martyr, d.1240, among the Moors. “An Englishman”.

* Asterisk identifies a saint listed in Butler’s “Lives of the Saints

(1)A beatus or beata is a candidate for sainthood whose cause is being investigated, such candidates are styled ‘Blessed’. Some of my beati may have been canonised since I first added them to the calendar.


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  1. Hilary B

    I came across an entry in the 1912 street directory at Hull History centre today for T G Tichiaz as the Relieving Officer at 6 Posterngate


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