TOWLE Well represented in Hull and the East Riding though more common in Nottinghamshire apparently.

William ‘Towell’, smith, was a freeman of York in 1312
William Toll and wife, Beverley, 1381 (Poll Tax)
Stephen Toll of Paull is named in a Hull deed of 1475
William Towle in Fitling, East Yorkshire,1629
William Towle, Mayor of Hedon, 1665
Thomas Towle, Mayor of Hedon, 1740, 1748, 1760, 1766, 1774
Thomas ‘Towl’, labourer, Cottingham, 1769
James Towle married Margaret Wardell at Holy Trinity church, Hull, 1841
George William Towle of the East Yorkshire Regiment, and Thomas Towle of the Lancashire Fusiliers, were Hull men who gave their lives in World War I.

Reaney (Dictionary of British Surnames) writes that Towle = Toll, “… a pet form of O[ld] N[orse] Thorleifr … or of O.N. Thorleikr.” K.H.Rogers (“More Vikings and Surnames”) lists Towle among names from the “Ancient Scandinavian” Tóli. The East Riding place name Towthorpe means “Toli’s Village (A.H. Smith, “Place Names of the East Riding of Yorkshire and York”, 1937).


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