MARCH 1st St. Marnock of Annandale d.c.625, eponym* of Kilmarnock, and of the Scottish surname Warnock (but cf. Oct. 25)
8th St. Duthac of Ross, d.1065; eponym* of the Scottish surname Duthie
10th Sts. Caius and Alexander, d.c.172
St. Codratus d.c.258
16th St. Patrick of Auvergne (4th cent.)
Bl. Robert Dalby, born Hemingborough (nr. Howden); priest; martyred at
York 16th March 1589. Robert Backhouse, “Christian Martyrs”, (London
1996), states that Dalby was born Durham. Butler says “Yorkshire”
17th Sts. Alexander and Theodore (4th cent?)
18th St. Alexander of Jerusalem, d.251
25th St. Donnchadh, Abbot of Iona, d.716 (see also May 25th).
27th St. Alexander, d.3rd cent.
28th St Alexander (with Priscus and Malthus) d.260

*I should make clear that the word eponym here does not mean eponymous ancestor, but the saint in whose honour the eponymous ancestor is named.


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