WARVILL This is a difficult name, another one ignored by the experts, and there’s the reason I feel compelled to write something about it.
The IGI (Latter Day Saints) has a record of the name Warvel at Burton Agnes, 1759, later spelt Warvile. In Hull Warvel is on record 1840, Warvill 1844.
I’ve found no early instances of Warvill, but something close is found in Lancashire c.1247; Wion, son of Wervill, in the “Wapentake of Blackburnshire”. Wervill is known as a version of the Welsh female name, Gwerfel. Wyun could be an English rendering of the Welsh male name Gwion. So it is likely that this is a Welshman known by a metronymic (mother’s given name). Could this be the origin of the surname Warvill?
The “-vill” ending leads one to consider a French place-name origin, but there is no evidence to date from medieval sources.


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