WAUDBY An East Riding surname and place name, Wauldby, near Elloughton.
There is in existence a twelve generation pedigree of Waldby of Wauldby, headed by a Robert Waldby, fl. 1188, but I am unsure of its reliability in the earlier generations (pre-1536).
The following names do not appear in the pedigree, and yet they are linked to the manor of Wauldby –
Nigel (or Niel) de Waldby, 1241
Ranulph, son of Ralph, son of Ringwer de Waldby, sentence of excommunication rescinded on payment of a fine, 1307 (Beverley Chapter Act Book)
William de Waldby, 1381
Thomas de Waldby, 1428
Philip Wauldby died 1542. This must be the “Philip Wawdebie”, listed among the East Riding gentry who took part in the popular uprising known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. His is the only name on the above mentioned pedigree to be reliably connected to Wauldby Manor.
William, son of Philip, died 1547
William Wauldby, died 1567
William Wauldby, died 1623
Philip Wauldby, died 1628
Robert Wauldby, died 1631. He left no issue, and the manor was divided between his two sisters and soon passed out of the family.

Other Waldby/Waudbys –
Alexander de Waldby, tailor, Freeman of York, 1336
Richard de Waldeby, potter , Freeman of York, 1337
John Waldby in Owthorn, Holderness, 1340
John Waldby and wife in Beverley, 1381 (Poll Tax)
Robert Waldby, Archbishop of York, 1396-1398 (died 1398), his brother, John Waldby (d.1393) was English Provincial of the Austin Friars. Robert was born in Yorkshire, one unconfirmed source says York
Thomas Waldby, walker (i.e., fuller of cloth), Freeman of York, 1439-40
William Waldeby, weaver, Freeman of York, 1444
Anthony Waldbie at North Newbald, 1584
John Waudby, yeoman in Sculcoates parish, 1754-5
Thomas Waldby, Mayor of Beverley, 1757-8
Richard Daniel Waudby, apothecary, Freeman of Hull,1801
John Waudby, Waltham Street, Hull, 1835/6 (Burgess Roll)

The arms of Waldby of Wauldby were –
Argent on a chevron sable two crosses humetty or (Surtees, vol.133)
In another version the crosses are formy.


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