WESTERDALE Reaney’s “Dictionary …” lists this name and gives its origin as the place name Westerdale in Cleveland. I would add that West Dale near Hunmanby in the East Riding is recorded as Westerdale in 1493.

From the register of the Freemen of York –
Will de Westerdale, tynkler (i.e., tinsmith), 1336
Jacobus* de Westerdall, lytester (dyer), 1385, possibly the same as Jacobus de Westerdale at York, 1381 (Poll Tax)
Walter de Westerdall, cordewaner (shoemaker), 1385
John de Westerdall, fletcher, 1390
Dionisius (Denis?) de Westerdall, no occupation given, 1392
Mr. Will Westerdale, clericus (probably a priest), 1460

Sir John Westerdale, vicar of Keyingham, raised a force to oppose Edward IV’s landing at Ravenspurn on the Holderness coast, 1471 (Hugh Calvert, “History of Hull”). This Sir John was probably the John Westerdale of Beverley who was ordained a priest at York in 1454. The title ‘Sir’ is in this instance that of a cleric, a ‘Pope’s knight’.
Edward IV, of the House of York, was returning from exile in Holland. The people of Hull and the East Riding in general were supporters of the Lancastrian cause in the Wars of the Roses.
The surname was in Roos, c.5 miles from Keyingham in 1571. John and Thomas, sons of William Westerdale were baptised at Roos in February of that year
Thomas Westerdale and Ellen Bonnin were married at Sculcoates, near Hull, in 1682
Thomas Westerdale, shipbuilder and harbour master of Hull, 1770s to 1790s
Samuel Westerdale, sheriff of Hull, 1841.

*Jacobus is the Latin form of the name James, but the name in that form was less familiar in the Middle Ages. In the 14th century Jakes, or some other version of the French Jacques would have been far more common. James belonged mainly to Scotland before the accession of the Stuarts to the English throne.


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