WHINCUP Information on this surname can be found here –

I just wish to add a couple of points.
Firstly, that in my opinion the name is likely to derive from the place name Whincop, in Eskdale, Cumbria, the meaning of which is probably “gorse-covered hill”. It is possible that the source is a lost Yorkshire place name of the same meaning; the name is found mainly in Yorkshire. North Yorkshire has the most Whincups but the name is well represented in the Hull area.
Secondly, “Thomas Whincop of Beverley preacher of God’s word” was appointed Master of the Charterhouse, Hull, in 1599. His name is later spelt Whyncopp, Wyntropp, and Whyncropp. Thomas died in 1624, and his name entered in the parish register of Holy Trinity as “Thomas Wincop lectorer”.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol.26, blazons a coat of arms for “Thomas Whincup” –
“Argent, a fess and in chief a covered cup between two mullets all sable”.
I have never heard of another coat of arms for the surname Whincup.


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