1st St. Gilbert of Moray, d.1245
7th St. Goran (Goron, Gorran), patron saint of Gorran, Cornwall (6th cent?)
8th St. Ronan, son of Fergus
21st St. Bearach (6th cent.) of Connacht, Abbot of Cluan Coirpthe,
patron of the O’Hanleys
Bl. Robert Watkinson, priest, born Hemingborough, E. R. Yorks.,
c.1579; martyred at York, April 21st 1602
22nd St. Alexander with Epipodius (2nd cent.), martyred at Lyons (regno Marci
Aurelii), Epipodius tortured and put to death by the sword, Alexander
scourged and crucified (Backhouse, loc. sit.)
St. Alexander and companions, d. 177 (martyred?), one of the seven
26th St. Dónal, an Irish saint
27th St. Winebald of Beverley, d.c.731 (Butler lists a Winebald,
feast day Dec. 18th)
28th St. Patrick and three companions (martyrs? 1st or 2nd cent.)
30th St. Ronan of Co. Louth (but see under February 9th)


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