The commonest surnames in the Hull tax assessments, 1695. The information is taken from a Hull City Council publication, “The People of Hull in 1695 and 1697; an index to the poll tax assessments” (1987)
The top 15 were –
1. Smith
2. Thompson
3. Watson
4. Robinson
5. Brown
6. Taylor
7. Johnson
8. Wilson
9. Wood
10. Richardson
11. Walker
12. Wilkinson
13. Lambert
14. Ellis
15. Atkinson

Other common names (alphabetical order) were Banks, Clark, Etherington, Hodgson or Hodgshon, Peacock, Scott.

These break down into categories as –
Patronymics 11, nine of which have the -son ending
Locative names, three, two general (Wood, Banks), and one of an identifiable place name, properly spelt Hetherington
Occupational names, four
Finally, one nickname (Peacock), and one name recalling an ancestor of alien origin (Scott)
Ellis is a common name in Wales, but it was in existence in Yorkshire in the Middle Ages. It derives from the biblical Elias, though in Wales it might have been adopted as an englishing of the Welsh forename Elised.

For comparison here’s a list of the commonest surnames in the Hull telephone directory of 1990 –
1. Smith
2. Wilson
3. Taylor
4. Robinson
5. Brown
6. Johnson
7. Thompson
8. Harrison
9. Jackson
10. Walker
11. Wilkinson
12. Wright
13. Clark
14. Watson
15. Hall


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