SEPTEMBER 12th Elvis d. 528, or Eilfyw (Welsh), or Ailbhe (Irish). Elvis is the Latin form. Gave his name to the parish of St. Elvis, or Llaneifyw, near St. David’s, Wales. He is usually identified with the Irish saint Ailbhe, though another tradition makes him Breton. Elvis is said to have baptised the Welsh patron saint, David.
19th St. Nilus et al., d.c.310
21st St. Alexander of Rome (2nd cent.)
4th St. Berchtun of Beverley, d.733. DNB calls him St. Berchthun, abbot, first abbot of Beverley, 700. Berchtun and Britwin are doubtless identical. See under May 15th
26th St. Nilus the younger, abbot, d.1004. Born Rossano, Calabria, Magna Graecia, c.910, Baptised Nicholas, Nilus his name in religion. Abbot of various Greek monasteries in Southern Italy
28th St. Alexander et al., d.c.303
29th St. García of Arlanza, d.c.1073
García is the commonest surname in Spain, possibly because of devotion in the Middle Ages to this particular saint. The meaning of the male given name is unknown, not even its language of origin is known. It’s thought to be of either Basque origin, or from the ancient Iberian language. It is found as a name of the old kings of Gascony, though their ethnicity is unknown to me.


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