OCTOBER 4th St.Petronius of Bologna
5th St. Alexander of Treves (3rd cent.) ?Martyr of Treves, d.287
7th St. Dubtach (Dubhthach) of Armagh, d.c.513
10th St. Gundisalvus of Las Junias, ?1135 Gundisalvus is the original form of the Castilian name Gonzalo, from which comes the common Spanish surname González.
11th St. Alexander Sauli
13th St. Colman of Stockerau, d.1012. Irish pilgrim killed by Turks at Stockerau, nr. Vienna, while travelling to the Holy Land. His name is the alleged origin of the Hungarian name Kálmán. Kálmán, King of Hungary regnavit 1095-1116. (Butler gives “Coloman” under this date.)
21st St. John of Bridlington
25th St. Marnoc, bishop at Kilmarnock (cf. March 1st). From this given name comes the surname Warnock, originally MacGilleMhearnaig*, a surname of South-West Scotland. There was a sept of the same name in the Highlands which changed its name to Graham, having been accepted into the Graham clan.

*Spelling corrected after first posting.


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