East Yorkshire Place Names and surnames


ACKLAM There was an Acklam in the Old East Riding, now in North Yorkshire; and an Acklam in the old North Riding, now in Cleveland (Middlesborough). Either or both could be the source of the surname. Sir William Akelum, knight, is on record in Holderness in 1359, and Thomas Acklom was at Hunmanby in 1584.

ANLABY does not appear to have survived in this form, though there was a family of the name connected to Anlaby. The surname Umpleby is said to derive from Anlaby, as is Halnaby, if it is extant.

BENTLEY This place name occurs in several counties; there are three in West Yorkshire, and a Bentley near Cottingham in East Yorkshire. A John Bentley was assessed for the Poll Tax in the East Riding in 1381.

BEVERLEY As there is only one Beverley in England there is no doubt about the origin of this surname. Thomas de Beverley held land in Marfleet near Hull in 1359. The gentry families Beverley of Selby, of Ganstead, near Hull, and of Great Smeaton in the North Riding, all claimed descent from one John Beverley of Beverley (16th century?).


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