(I knew I’d slip up sometime in the year and not achieve my aim of posting each month’s calendar on the first of the month. Ná bac leis)

NOVEMBER 6th Saint Wynnoc (see 18th No.) This Wynnoc was a Welsh saint (d.717) who founded the Cornish church of Saint Wynnow, and later joined the monastery of Sithiu (St. Omer). There is also, it is said, a place in France called Bergues-Saint-Winnoc, to which his relics were translated.
(Information on this saint was garnered in the course of a search for the mysterious Saint Wynnen, of whom more later)

7th Saint Willibrord (d.739), reputedly born in the Holderness district of East Yorkshire; apostle to the Frisians and one of the patron saints of the Netherlands.

9th Saint Alexander of Salonica (4th century)

12th Nilus the Elder
(noted during my search for an explanation of the surname of the Russian forger, Sergei Nilus. I don’t think the saint’s name has any connection with the surname)

18th Saint Wynnen, bishop in Scotland c.579 (cf. Wynnoc above). I’m assuming he is the eponym of the Scottish place-name Kilwinning, in Ayrshire. According to George Calder (A Gaelic Grammar, Gairm Publications, Glasgow, 1990) Wynnen is from the Brythonic gwynn-en, a version of the Gaelic Finnen – fion-sean, “fair-old”, which itself is a variant of Findbar, an Irish saint who may be the individual behind the name Wynnen. (I reserve judgement).


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