DECEMBER 1st Alexander Bryant, SJ, Catholic martyr (Butler, Lives …)
Blessed Richard Langley, d. 1586 – Richard Langley (sometimes Longley) of Grimthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire, layman, martyr. “…hanged at York 1st Decmber,1586, for harbouring priests at his mansions.” Butler, Lives …)

12th Alexander (with Epimachus) compare 22nd August

13th Blessed Tassilo of Bavaria. Tassilo, a Bavarian male given name, has always puzzled me as to its meaning. I read somewhere that it has something to do with the badger (Dachs in modern German).

23rd Ronan Fionn, son of Aid of Achad Farcha, Co. Meath.
Blessed Hartmann of Brixen, d. 1164. Brixen is now Bressanone in Italy. In the 10th century it was in Bavaria. Hartmann is a German surname, hence my interest in the saint’s name.


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