EAST YORKSHIRE PLACE NAMES AS SURNAMES (2) BINNINGTON the name of a hamlet in Willerby Parish in the old East Riding, now in North Yorkshire. Binnington is near Filey. The meaning of the name is said to be “farm of Bynna’s people (or clan), Bynna being an old Anglian male given name. The spelling Benitona is recorded in 1144 (Ekwall, “English Place-Names”) It’s possible, but unlikely, that some of this surname take their name from Long Bennington in Lincolnshire. Bennington is also found as a surname. The Binningtons belong mainly to East Yorkshire, particularly Hull and district. Early examples spell the the name Benyngton. Richard de Benyngton was a landowner in Helperthorpe, near Binnington, 1303 Robert Benington was a mariner in Hull, 1457, also Robert Benyngton, Hull, 1464-5 (same Robert?) Thomas Binnington of Hull was sentenced to transportation, 1817


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