A name that has been in the news of late, and one I’d never heard before. I thought that it looked similar to the Irish Minogue, but the ending looked too English, very like Pinnock. A search of the literature on English surnames produced nothing. So I turned to Edward MacLysaght’s “Surnames of Ireland”, and there it was. Minnock, according to this source is a variant of Minogue, Irish Ó Muineóg. Minogue is found mainly in its original homeland, East Clare, and in neighbouring Tipperary where there is a townland called Ballyminogue. Minnock belongs to the County of Offaly, with some bearers in neighbouring Leix.
The meaning of the name is unknown, Presumably Muineóg was a male given name.
I would add that, according to George Fraser Black (“Surnames of Scotland”) there is a place in North Ayrshire called Minnock, which I have yet to locate. Black suggests that this is the origin of a Scottish surname, Minnoch. A connection to the Irish Minnock seems unlikely.


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