In the year 1670 a petition was presented to the Mayor and Aldermen of Hull by the parishioners of Holy Trinity, requesting a new assistant minister to replace the ailing Mr Ainsworth.
John Cook, in his “A History of the Charterhouse” (Hull 1882), gives the petition in full and adds that the signatories were “Men of some influence in Hull in their day, and many having descendants still flourishing in the town”.
A list of petitioners is below. I have reorganised them in alphabetical order of surname. I have also filled out the abbreviated fornames, apart from that of Jo. Blansherd, as it was neither Jno (John) or Jos (Joseph).
I shall, in time, add information on the individual signatories if I have anything on them.

The petitioners were –
James Atkinson, Robert Barnard, Richard Barnes, Jo. Blansherd, Thomas Broadley, Guy Brown, Robert Carlill, Thomas Coates, John Crowther, Nicholas Dewicke, George Dickinson, Joseph Ellis, William Everingham, Christopher Fawthropp, John Field, George Frogatt, Richard Gray, William Halam, George Healah, Thomas Heaton, Daniel Hoare, Edward Hodgson, Thomas Holtby, Anthony Iveson, Edward Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Lawson, Samuel Lightfoot, Richard Lindall, George Logan, Abednego Longbone, Henry Maister, Henry Metcalfe, Thomas Moxon, Timothy Pattison, Edmund Popple, Thomas Popplewell, Robert Raikes, Edward Ranson, John Rogers, Arthur Saltmarsh, William Shires, Matthew Smith, John Stockton, Richard Stockton, Will Tailer, Richard Vevers, Thomas Warcop, Thomas Watson, Thomas Weeton, Thomas Wrigglesworth, Robert Wright.

Some notes –
Robert Barnard – “merchant” 1695.

John Blansherd – “mercer” 1657; “gent” 1682 (1). Blansherd “an old East Riding family”. ‘Blaunchard’ in the East Riding in 1379.

Thomas Broadley This Thomas heads the Broadley family pedigree in Burke’s Landed Gentry of 1914.

Robert Carlill Robert Carlill, merchant, 1654. Robert Carleill, senior, merchant, 1670. Robert, son of Tristram Carleill of Sewerby, buried at Holy Trinity, 1670. Alderman Robert Carlill, buried at Holy Trinity, 1707. We may have a father and son here, almost certainly members of the same family. Carleill and Carlill are the same surname, and the Carleills of Sewerby were an old East Riding family.

Thomas Coates A Thomas Coates, master mariner is on record in 1679; a Thomas Coates, tailor, is on record 1680.


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