PYBUS – C.W. Bardsley, in one of his works (I neglected to record its name) suggests that this surname is locative, probably Pikebusk in its early form, meaning ‘bush on a hill’. He cites ‘Elena Pikebusk, 1379, from the Yorkshire Poll Tax rolls. This Elena was of ‘Whetlay and Sandale’ in Strafford Wapentake (Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, v, pp. 1-51). ‘Sandale’ is probably Kirk Sandall in the Doncaster area.
I have an earlier Pikebusk, one Robert, who is mentioned in connection with a property on the lands of Gisborough Priory in the Old North Riding. For the spelling Pybus I have a John in Thirsk, North Riding, 1667.
Henry Pybus married Mary Parker at Holy Trinity, Hull in 1840.
The name appears regularly in the Hull civil registers from the beginning.

I think we can accept Bardsley’s connection of Pybus to the earlier Pikebusk, and the second element is surely ‘bush’. It seems likely that the place name belonged to Yorkshire or the North-East, and is to be identified.


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