“Da oleag Séamus is meatha bheith ‘na éagmais”
(Bad as James is it would be worse without him.)
Irish saying

Miscellanea Onomastica, Genealogica, Heraldica et Historica.
This is the sub-title of the blog, but it may change.


The surnames treated in the notes titled as above are not, as might be inferred –
a) confined to Hull and district
b) in most instances, of local origin
c) in many instances, best represented in Hull.

What they are are names that are found in Hull and for which I have had difficulty in finding information. Most were not covered in printed dictionaries of names and my curiosity about their meaning or origin was not easily satisfied.
So I started collecting any information about these names in order to draw conclusions, correct or otherwise, about them.
I should point out that these enquiries began before the arrival of the personal computer, which could have answered many of my questions. They continued pre-PC style for years after that now indispensible tool became available, as my personal circumstances precluded acquisition.
Internet access has, to a large degree rendered my labour redundant, but there is one aspect that in my opinion saves it from the shredder. That is the concentration of notices on the limited area of the East Riding of Yorkshire, in particular the city of Kingston upon Hull.
So, rather than scrap my project I post them on the internet in hope that they might be of use to others, as pointers to sources for example.


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