MAY 3rd St. Alexander (Pope Alexander I) d.c.113, presumbly the same as
St. Alexander, martyred c. 113 along with the priests, Eventius and Theodolus
Sts. Alexander and Antonina, d. 313
St. John of Beverley, d.721
St. Britwin of Beverley, d.c.733. Also called Berchtun and Britunus.
Probably born Hexham, Abbot of Beverley, d.733, or, possibly but less
likely 740. David Hugh Farmer (Oxford Dictionary of Saints) calls him
“Bercthun (Brithun, Bertinus)” and tells us ” … he died on 15 May,
on which day his feast was kept locally.” See Sept. 24th
19th St. Alexander et al., d.c.284
24th St. Patrick of Bayeux, d.c.469. There is a parish of St. Patrice in Bayeux
25th St. Donnchadh, Abbot of Iona, d.716 (celebrated May 25th in Donegal,
but March 24th elsewhere
29th Sts. Alexander and Sisinnus, martyred at Milan, 397


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